20 Best Pokémon Gym Badges (From Every League)

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Fitness center badges barely get love within the Pokémon world, which is bizarre when you consider it. The entire level of your Pokémon journey is to gather these items.

They characterize the progress that you simply’ve made as a coach.

And listed below are additionally some significantly cool wanting health club badges too. I’m a sucker for foolish little collectibles, to the purpose the place I personal a number of actual health club badges myself.

To have a good time what I contemplate one of many small joys of Pokémon, I’m going to be rating what I believe are the most effective badge designs from each technology.

Oh, and spoiler alert: There are not any Gen VIII badges on this checklist as a result of they suck.

20. Rainbow Badge

Rainbow Badge Pokémon Anime Screenshot

Erika is one in all my general favourite health club leaders for causes that I received’t disclose right here. Her badge occurs to even be top-of-the-line wanting, however it solely will get backside of the checklist for one particular cause: It’s not related.

As a grass sort health club chief, you’ll count on the badge to be centered round that theme. And certainly it’s for many grass gyms sooner or later.

Nevertheless, Erika’s rainbow badge appears to be like like one thing {that a} typeless health club chief ought to have.

That being stated, it’s nonetheless nice wanting.

I’d say it appears to be like prefer it’s made up of quite a lot of treasured stones, and is actually simply actually fairly. It’s only a disgrace that the colours don’t characterize the completely different Pokémon varieties.

Though, a 15 stone badge would most likely value the league a fortune…

19. Feather Badge

Feather Badge Pokémon Anime

On the opposite aspect of the spectrum, we’ve got a badge that does truly bear some relevance to the kind of health club it comes from.

There are literally just a few completely different feather badges on this checklist; this simply so occurs to be the worst of the best-looking of the bunch.

That’s as a result of whereas it appears to be like like a feather, it’s the kind of feather that an eight-year-old would draw for a faculty artwork mission.

It nearly appears to be like prefer it might come from a metal sort health club. However that’s not an inherently dangerous factor, as a result of the badge does look nice.

18. Volcano Badge

Volcano Badge From Pokémon Anime

The volcano badge is likely one of the OG eight.

It’s Blaine’s badge from Cinnabar Island.

Now it doesn’t seem like an precise volcano, which is a disgrace, however it clearly appears to be like like some bizarre Picasso-esque drawing.

Very clearly fire-related, although. And fierier wanting than the feather badge is feathery wanting, so kudos.

17. Fog Badge

Fog Badge Pokémon Anime

Why this badge known as the fog badge, I don’t actually know.

It’s not like Morty’s health club has any overarching fog groups associated to it. Fog is simply spooky, I assume.

That doesn’t take away from the truth that that is the most effective wanting ghost sort badge that has ever appeared within the sequence. Which isn’t saying a lot as a result of there aren’t that a lot of them, however nonetheless.

It appears to be like like a really simplified and rudimentary ghost. It’s simply cool and foolish seeking to get a chuckle out of me.

16. Glacier Badge

Glacier Badge From Pokémon Anime

Right here’s one other Johto League badge for you.

However this one’s considerably extra related than even the fog badge.

Why? Properly, there’s clear room for interpretation with the fog badge.

However the glacier badge could be very clearly meant to be a snowflake.

There are different better-looking ice sort badges that truly resemble icicles, and one that actually ought to be referred to as the glacier badge… however within the spirit of Christmas, I’m giving the glacier badge a spot on my checklist.

15. Coal Badge

Coal Badge From Pokémon Anime

Sinnoh and Unova had the most effective badges out of any recreation. And it’s not even shut.

You solely actually respect these designs while you take a look at the state of the Galar badges. They’re so dangerous that none of them seem on this checklist.

Now the coal badge is the primary one you get in Sinnoh from everybody’s favourite miner, Roark (take that Clay!)

Does it resemble a chunk of coal? Type of, however that’s okay with me.

The primary health club badge you get ought to at all times be glossy and easy, and the coal badge is the proper instance of that.

14. Icicle Badge

Icicle Badge Pokémon Anime Screenshot

The icicle badge ought to be the glacier badge.

It’s not an icicle. It appears to be like just like the rattling factor that took down the Titanic (or the S.S. Ann if we need to keep in theme).

That being stated, it clearly appears to be like like ice, simply a big piece of it. The truth that I can take a look at it and inform that it got here from an ice health club is greater than I can say for many league badges, together with one or two on this checklist.

13. Jet Badge

Jet Badge From Pokémon Anime

Skyla’s health club is my favourite that has ever appeared in any recreation.

Who doesn’t fantasize about capturing annoying little kids out of cannons?

The badge clearly resembles a feather, however I believe the Feather Badge would work higher right here. That one appeared like a metal sort feather, and what are jets if not large metal birds?

Even nonetheless, this Unova badge is glossy, clear, and appears prefer it’s constituted of some form of resin of treasured stone.

Skyla additionally went by way of the difficulty of coordinating the badge along with her outfit. Which is the form of effort that I can get behind.

12. Bolt Badge

Bolt Badge From Pokémon Anime

Now right here we go. This is a rattling health club badge.

The bolt badge appears to be like like, guess what? A lightning bolt.

It’s spikey, explosive, yellow, and has that notorious zig-zag sample that I nonetheless use when drawing lightning regardless that I’m 21.

There’s no beating across the bush right here. It’s simply the proper instance of a reputation and design correlation.

11. Fairy Badge

Fairy Badge From Pokémon Anime

The fairy badge ought to have come from the primary technology that fairy varieties by no means existed in, and confirmed my suspicions of Valerie being a complete narcissist.

Skyla could have color-coordinated, however Valerie has designed her complete outfit and character round this notion of a butterfly.

On the subject of butterflies, that’s what the fairy badge is.

Butterflies aren’t fairies, I’ll provide you with that, however they’re shut sufficient.

That is simply the prettiest health club badge of the bunch. It’s constituted of gold and what appears to be like like clear opals. And there’s one thing about that pink and gold mixture that’s simply fairly; there are not any different adjectives I’ve for it.

10. Rumble Badge

Rumble Badge In Pokémon Anime

The rumble badge appears to be like actually bizarre. However not in an overtly bizarre approach.

Sarcastically, it’s this weirdness that components so closely into why I’ve put it proper within the center.

It’s clearly meant to resemble two boxing gloves hitting each other, which ticks the rumble field moderately cleverly.

Nevertheless, whereas one glove is completely detailed, the opposite is smaller and is only a gray field. It nearly appears to be like like the sport couldn’t load the textures.

Regardless of that, the actual fact they named a badge the “rumble badge” and really made the design resemble a combat is a small stroke of genius, so I’m prepared to miss its downsides.

9. Plant Badge

Plant Badge From Pokémon Anime

That is what Erika’s badge ought to have appeared like.

It’s a leaf, plain and easy.

Though I’m unsure why it isn’t referred to as the leaf badge…

It’s not simply formed like a leaf. It’s a goddamn expensive-looking leaf. And it’s adorned with gold trimmings and appears like one thing that my Granny would have etched into her kitchen desk.

Fairly apparent the place the League cutbacks are coming from once they’re mass-producing badge artwork like this.

8. Dragon Badge

Dragon Badge From Pokémon Sword

It’s a dragon head. That’s all.

It’s only a very cool wanting dragon head.

Dragons in Pokémon are boss, so this spot is effectively earned.

7. Legend Badge

Legend Badge From Pokémon White

I’ve a full bodily copy of all of the Unova badges from again from after I performed the TCG.

That ought to make you actually jealous, and if it doesn’t, there may be one thing flawed with you.

The legend badge is the primary one which I ever bought. And it simply so occurs to be one in all my favourite designs of all time.

That being stated, I’ve completely no concept what’s occurring right here. It comes from a dragon health club, but when it’s meant to resemble a dragon, then that side is misplaced on me.

It’s actually spikey, although. In order that’s cool. I assume you might say that it makes me… edgy…

6. Trio Badge

Trio Badge Pokémon Anime Screenshot

The primary Unova health club is likely one of the extra distinctive within the sequence.

Somewhat than having one chief, you get one in all three primarily based on what starter you decide.

It is a cool characteristic that I want to see extra of sooner or later.

In case you couldn’t inform, the trio badge represents that brilliantly. It’s bought three gems, one for every of the beginning varieties.

It ties into the general theme of the health club completely. And is likely one of the finest examples of how much less will be extra with these health club badges.

5. Fundamental Badge

Basic Badge From Pokémon Anime

This may be the finest instance of much less is extra in a Pokémon health club badge.

It comes from the traditional sort health club, which Cheren takes over in BW2.

That is one in all my favourite issues to ever occur in a Pokémon recreation till Hop turns into a professor in a later recreation, in order that does make me a bit biased.

Given it comes from a standard sort, this badge is completely excellent.

It’s only a fairly wanting line, certain. However it doesn’t have to be something extra for what it’s.

4. Beacon Badge

Beacon Badge From Pokémon Anime

Volkner is some extent of competition for lots of the Pokémon group, however there’s no denying that his badge appears to be like nice.

He’s the chief of Sunnyshore’s health club, and his badge is a lighthouse.

Lighthouses have at all times had a connection to electrical varieties. Keep in mind Ampharos? However it’s particularly related right here.

One in every of Sunnyshore’s greatest sights is the city’s lighthouse, so having a badge designed round that may be a nice instance of the broader context of the health club being considered for the badge design.

It’s not inherently electrical primarily based, although. Undecided why.

3. Hive Badge

Hive Badge From Pokémon Anime

The hive badge is likely one of the most intelligent badges to ever come out of Recreation Freak, and I simply know that the artist that designed it was happy with themselves once they got here up with it.

It’s a ladybug. And a very good wanting ladybug.

In case you missed that day in class, ladybugs are one of many coolest wanting bugs in existence.

I wouldn’t bat an eye fixed if this badge was used as a brand for a small enterprise, it’s that good.

Whoever the genius is that got here up with this design, they aren’t being paid sufficient.

2. Rising Badge

Rising Badge From Pokémon Anime

The rising badge has a fairly miserable identify while you take a look at the broader context of Clair, the health club chief it comes from.

She’s the underachieving cousin of the champion Lance. So the concept of her “rising up” have to be some extent of struggling in terms of her self-image.

It’s an excellent wanting badge, although.

So nice that it will get rattling near the highest spot. It’s mainly the dragon badge taken up a notch.

As a substitute of being minimalist, it’s an superior wanting mecha-dragon face. An ideal option to spotlight how effectively Recreation Freak has achieved with the restricted assets of the outdated video games.

1. Cascade Badge

Cascade Badge Pokémon Anime Screenshot

Misty retains ending up on the highest of my lists by some means. And no, it’s not for that cause.

Her health club is simplicity personified, however simplicity achieved completely.

Her Cascade badge is one other instance of this.

What would you count on a water sort health club to have as its badge? A wave? The ocean?

A bottle of water?

No, the cascade badge is a water droplet. It additionally occurs to have just a few highlights that make the water droplet legitimately seem like water, not simply an artist’s rendition of it.

I hold harkening on about how easy is healthier, and because of this. It pertains to the health club, appears to be like nice, and doesn’t go overboard with some crazy-looking design.

It’s my favourite wanting health club badge of all time. Which is ironic on condition that it got here from Gen I, and I’m a far cry away from a Gen I loyalist.

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